Soul Mates From Heaven
By Oliver O'Hanlon
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Oliver O'Hanlon

To all those who have lost some one that they loved and stop and wonder is this it.
The story begins as two souls up in heaven waiting on bodies to live on earth again.
These two have a past, a magnificent past, having being partnered up some seventeen times before. Can they find each other on earth and do it again? Soul mate relationships are hard to get off the ground, but once they embrace each other the signal passes and it's wow and
its certain, no doubts, the story that unfolds is amazing and not like any other with romance, spirituality, metaphysics and common sense, all living in peace with each other.

The author
Oliver O’Hanlon lives in County Kildare, Ireland with his family' and spends a lot of time around nature, When he was eight years old he had his first experience with the other world and this interest has continued to the present day. He follows intuition with ease and is an avid angel card reader. One of ¬†Oliver ¬†favourite biblical character is Moses, the ten commandments and as can be seen by the photo on the back cover of this book Oliver does not whole back when it comes to putting in effort , here he has dressed in the style of mosses¬† as he parted the red sea.

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